Need Concrete Work Done? 3 Steps To Take When Preparing For Concrete Pumping


If you're embarking on a home improvement project that involves a remote location, or a steep slope, it's time to consider concrete pumping. It's not always possible to pour concrete into a remote location, or onto a steep slope. That's where concrete pumping comes into the picture. Concrete pumping can get concrete into those out-of-the-way locations. The process also saves time and money since you don't need to worry about trucking the concrete to those hard-to-reach spots.

23 December 2020

Using Ready-Mix Concrete For Your Project


If you are needing to undertake a project that will involve pouring concrete, there are concrete ready-mix solutions that can allow you to easily make and pour the cement that is needed for your project. When a person has limited or no experience using concrete ready-mix products, there are a few steps that will help them to avoid some potentially serious mistakes when they are doing this work. Order More Ready-Mix Concrete Than You Think You May Need

7 August 2020

5 Benefits of Investing in Basement Waterproofing Services


If you've ever had water issues in your basement or if you're looking to take steps to completely avoid that issue from happening, you may be thinking of investing in basement waterproofing services. This can help you keep your home and your home's foundation in good condition, and when you leave it the experts, it's a relatively easy project to handle. Here are some of the benefits of investing in basement waterproofing services:

16 March 2020

6 Tips To Prevent Foundation Damage


No one wants to discover foundation damage. Although damages are sometimes unavoidable, often you can reduce the chances of cracks or leaks forming by implementing a few tips around your home. Tip #1: Install a gutter system The last thing you want is water collecting near the foundation, as this can eventually lead to damage. Install gutters and a downspout system on your home to route rain away from the foundation.

30 November 2019

Want To Build A New Patio And Large Concrete Slab In Your Way? 2 Tips To Remove The Concrete


If you want to build a new patio and there is a large concrete slab in your way, you can remove the concrete in different ways. You then have a clean slate to start building your new patio. Below is more information about this so you can get your new patio to enjoy. Use Slab Sawing One technique that is often used to remove concrete is known as slab sawing. This can also be used to cut through flooring, such as if you want to remodel your home.

6 May 2019

Why Ready-Mix Is Better Than Bagged Concrete For Your Outbuilding Slab


If you're planning to put up an outbuilding for a shed or workshop, you'll need to put down a concrete slab first. You can buy bags of concrete and mix it as you go or you can have ready-mix concrete delivered by a cement mixer. Even if your job is a small one, it's often better to use ready-mix. Here's why ready-mix concrete is a better choice than mixing concrete from a bag and some important things to know.

1 December 2018

3 Textured Sidewalk Options


Concrete is generally a rough and porous surface. That is, when it is poured in the most economical and practical way, concrete dries with a texture that is well-suited to exterior sidewalk usage. But, homeowners often want the sidewalks on their property to look more stylish. They might also be interested in a surface that has a different texture or finish. There are many different cement products, pouring methods, and finishing techniques that can be employed to alter the texture of a concrete sidewalk.

10 October 2018